Pursuit of the Perfect Shave | The History of SmartRazor


How it all began: the history of Lou and Pete

This is the story of two inventor brothers with a dream of improving shaving for billions of people around the world. Theirs is a family business, with long hours, hard work, passion and dedication, daily struggles and many obstacles to overcome in an industry dominated by the faceless multinational companies.

Lou and Pete Tomassetti of Pompano Beach, Fla., have been inventors for over 30 years and have been bringing innovation to the shaving industry for two decades. They invent and manufacture consumer products in personal care, sporting goods, and pet categories and have several successful products on the market, including the Safety-Sport line of airhorns. In total, they have more than 100 patents and patents pending.

The brothers were drawn to the razor industry because they believed razors could be far better. As inventors and innovators, they took on the task of making shaving better through innovative razors.

Early Wins

Their first razor was the Freedom All-in-One with two blades and shaving cream conveniently dispensed from the handle. The U.S. military became their first customer in 2002, and the razors were used by troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since 2004, they’ve also been supplying razors for the president and presidential staff to use on Air Force Once.


The Freedom razors were the forerunner of the Shavemate line that features six blades, shaving cream in the handle and Flex-Neck Technology for a smoother and more comfortable shave.

In 2009, producers of the Discovery Channel program “PitchMen” heard about ShaveMate and invited the brothers to try out for the show, which followed prolific pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan as they evaluated inventors’ products and attempted to sell the best inventions through direct-response marketing.

Sullivan produced and starred in Shavemate’s infomercials. Mays also loved the product and was set to shave off his iconic beard with the ShaveMate for the national TV spots before he passed away in June 2009.

Driving Innovation

In their quest for the perfect shave, the brothers began working on the unisex SmartRazor 12 years ago. They knew hot blades cut hair much easier and had the idea to bring in new technology to heat up the blades and keep them at the optimal temperature. It took several years to perfect the technology and secure patents.

Functional Prototype | 2015 CES Show (image: Mashable)

smartrazor.patentsNow, the research and development is finished, and SmartRazor has working prototypes. Sixty-eight patents issued and pending in the U.S. and 42 other countries protect its innovations.

“In theory it all made sense, but to actually shave with a heated razor with blades that stay warm and steady at the optimal temperature is incredible,” said Lou Tomassetti. “You don’t want to put the razor down. It feels that good.”

The brothers are excited to see their dream come true and to offer the perfect shave to everyone. They will be offering the revolutionary new razor innovation, SmartRazor, through an Indiegogo campaign.

Please join us on the Pursuit of the Perfect Shave to make something truly original in the shave space that is different and scientifically better than the status quo and help them get the first production made.