Benefits of Using SmartRazor


Lou and Pete Tomassetti’s pursuit of the perfect shave led them to bring modern electronic technology to the shaving industry and introduce the world’s first smart razor.

A Truly Smart Razor

“Powered by a rechargeable battery and controlled by a microprocessor, SmartRazor is the most advanced shaving razor to date, and it fundamentally improves the shaving experience.” said Lou Tomassetti. “The innovations are so important and unique that there are 68 patents issued or pending in the United States and 42 other countries protecting SmartRazor technology.”

SmartRazor offers three main benefits:

1. Comfort

SmartRazor heats up in seconds, and its temperature is similar to that you’d get holding a razor under hot tap water for several minutes. But unlike non-heated blades, the heat doesn’t dissipate. “It’s intuitive that heated blades cut hair much easier,” said Lou Tomassetti. “But to actually shave with a SmartRazor with blades that stay warm and steady at the optimal temperature is incredible. You don’t want to put the razor down. It feels that good.”

2. Performance

The warmth not only feels great, but it actually cuts the hair much easier. “SmartRazor’s heated blades glide through hair effortlessly with virtually no tug and pull, like a warm knife through butter,” said Lou Tomassetti. SmartRazor’s warm blade technology system is scientifically proven through laboratory testing to cut hair up to 200% easier than the leading brands’ non-heated blades.

3. Hygiene

The dirty little secret about razor blades is that bacteria grows on them in between shaving. “With the SmartRazor, the minute you turn it on the heat reduces bacteria on the blades,” said Lou Tomassetti.

What about razor bumps and razor rash? “With non-heated razor blades, shaving sensitive areas with cold metal blades can contract the skin making tiny goosebumps. Those blades then cut the tips causing razor rash,” said Lou Tomassetti. “SmartRazor’s heated blades warm the skin, so it relaxes and lies flat helping to prevent irritation.”