World’s First Heated Razor to Launch on Indiegogo

SmartRazor will debut the world’s first and only heated blades razor through its Indiegogo campaign in March 2017.

SmartRazor’s patented warm blade technology system is the only razor system for men and women that heats the blades to the cutting edge and stays at the optimum temperature throughout the entire shave, which accounts for a dramatic increase in shaving performance and comfort. It has been scientifically proven through laboratory testing that SmartRazor’s heated blades slice through hair up to 200% easier than other brands’ non-heated blades.

Brothers Pursue the Perfect Shave

Brothers Lou and Pete Tomassetti, the inventors of the ShaveMate razors with shaving cream dispensed from the handle and the new SmartRazor, have brought innovation to the shaving industry for almost two decades. Their pursuit for the “perfect shave” led them to create the first smart razor with a multi-function microprocessor on board.

“Our grandfathers knew hot shaves were the best, and now with SmartRazor, both men and women can enjoy the modern version of a warm soothing barbershop shave right at home with the push of a button,” said Pete Tomassetti. “With SmartRazor, you actually look forward to shaving now as it feels so good.

smartrazor.cutoutSoon consumers all over the world will have the choice to purchase and shave with the old-tech razors of yesterday or new hi-tech SmartRazors.

“SmartRazor’s heated blades slice through hair effortlessly with virtually no tug and pull, like a warm knife through butter,” said Lou Tomassetti. “This innovation is the next generation evolution of razors that everyone has been waiting for.”

The research and development is finished, and SmartRazor has working prototypes. Sixty-eight patents issued and pending in the USA and 42 other countries protect SmartRazor innovations.

Arrow Certified company turns to crowdfunding

The company has partnered with Arrow Electronics, a global technology company with engineering expertise, for supply and production. After a comprehensive engineering review, SmartRazor has been Arrow Certified as ready for manufacturing.

Now, the SmartRazor will be offered on Indiegogo. The company is raising funds on the crowdfunding website to get the word out about this revolutionary new razor innovation and to help get the first production made. The Tomassetti brothers hope to exceed the minimum campaign goal in order to achieve mass production and to support marketing and advertising efforts to make SmartRazor a household name.

The SmartRazor will be available to pre-order at discounted introductory prices during its Indiegogo campaign.

Cashing in on the Perks in Exchange for Early Support

The initial model available will be the line’s premium SmartRazor Heat. Early bird prices will start at $59 for the full kit, including the razor handle, four heated blades cartridges and a stylish charging dock.

Replacement heated blades cartridges can be purchased separately with a four pack costing approximately $23. Internal testing has found that each SmartRazor cartridge lasts three times longer than traditional blade cartridges.

With additional funding from Indiegogo pre-sales, the first SmartRazors will go into production in the fourth quarter of 2017.

After filling the initial pre-orders, the SmartRazor will be sold via the company’s website. Several retailers – online and off – have also expressed interest in selling SmartRazors.