Pursuit of the Perfect Shave | The History of SmartRazor

How it all began: the history of Lou and Pete

This is the story of two inventor brothers with a dream of improving shaving for billions of people around the world. Theirs is a family business, with long hours, hard work, passion and dedication, daily struggles and many obstacles to overcome in an industry dominated by the faceless multinational companies.

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Benefits of Using SmartRazor

Lou and Pete Tomassetti’s pursuit of the perfect shave led them to bring modern electronic technology to the shaving industry and introduce the world’s first smart razor.

A Truly Smart Razor

“Powered by a rechargeable battery and controlled by a microprocessor, SmartRazor is the most advanced shaving razor to date, and it fundamentally improves the shaving experience.” said Lou Tomassetti. “The innovations are so important and unique that there are 68 patents issued or pending in the United States and 42 other countries protecting SmartRazor technology.”

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World’s First Heated Razor to Launch on Indiegogo

SmartRazor will debut the world’s first and only heated blades razor through its Indiegogo campaign in March 2017.

SmartRazor’s patented warm blade technology system is the only razor system for men and women that heats the blades to the cutting edge and stays at the optimum temperature throughout the entire shave, which accounts for a dramatic increase in shaving performance and comfort. It has been scientifically proven through laboratory testing that SmartRazor’s heated blades slice through hair up to 200% easier than other brands’ non-heated blades.

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